2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on December 11th, 2017 by Rachel White

Every year, one of the highlights of the holiday season at our office is sharing our picks for the annual "Holiday Gift Guide" blog post. This year was no exception, as we all had a laugh about a few of the suggestions. Here we share some of our favorite things, all great gifts for the designers, architects, and aspiring architects in your life. 

1: The OgoBild Pod ($42) is perfect for building forts Buckminster Fuller would be proud of! // 2: The Death Star LEGO set ($499.99) would be the gift of a lifetime for the Star Wars fan who is also an aspiring architect // 3: These Rainbow Playing Cards ($11.66) are almost too beautiful to play with // 4: The double-sided Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Puzzle ($16) is fun for all ages. 

1: This Eames ($13.49) book covers the work of the famous husband-wife team, Ray and Charles Eames, including their contributions to architecture, art, and furniture design. // 2: Archi-Doodle City ($19.99) is an activity book for architects, with 75 unique design challenges. //3: The LEGO Architect ($19.96) is both educational and fun, showing you how to build some of the world's most amazing structures, alongside lessons in architectural history. // 4: In a series of breath-taking photos, Animal Architecture ($22.64) showcases the amazing architecture--nests, dens, and other habitats--of animals and insects around the world. 

1: This geometric pen ($15) is both practical and beautiful, which is what architect's dreams are made of // 2: The memobottle ($22-$36) is based off the proportions of metric paper sizes (A5, A6, A7), and its slim design fits conveniently in a pocket or purse. // 3: This 3D printed space necklace ($69.26) is the definition of "statement piece" // 4: The Ark Bag ($128) is a bamboo reproduction of a classic Japanese lunch bag. 

1: A Christmas ornament ($17.50) for the would-be-award-winning-architect whose designs are always value engineered. // 2: A T-shirt ($26.49) for the overly-confident architect :) // 3: A Mug ($15.96) for the coffee-loving architect. // 4: A Waffle Iron ($70) for the techny (and hungry) architect. 

1: This clock ($21.95) is a throw-back to our old drafting days. // 2: The amazing Nix Color Sensor ($349) measures the exact color of any surface and converts it into whatever color standard you need (RGB, CMYK, Pantone, and even major paint manufacturers!) // 3: This Golden Section Finder ($12) helps you locate everyone's favorite ratio. // 4: The Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook ($24.86) allows you to easily upload your notes online (without scanning). Perfect for the architect who is always sketching in meetings.