Q&A with Tayler

Posted on September 26th, 2018 by Rachel White

Today we want to share more about Tayler Thompson, one of our Project Managers, who started at SDG back in June of 2012. Tayler is currently working on finishing her licensing exams, while simultaneously leading many of our projects, being involved in the community through programs like Leadership Murray County, and being a mom to Lucy, her 20-month-old daughter. Here’s what she had to say…

Q.  When you aren't working, what are you likely to be doing?  
A. Chasing a toddler or attempting to study for the Architectural Registration Exam (ARE).  

Q. What's the most recent bit of knowledge you've picked up?  
A. Yesterday, September 25th, was National Daughter's Day (which I found out today), and to be classified as a live-work unit (think apartment over a store), a building/space has to be under 3,000 sq. ft per building code. 
Q. What is something you have read/listen to/seen recently that wish you could share with everyone you meet?
A. I've recently started listening to podcasts while driving. I was recently listening to an episode from Young Architect--an interview with Jaclyn Tyler of Tyler Architecture and Planning.  Jaclyn was speaking about when to say “no” to get your best “yes!”  I always have a hard time saying "no," so I felt like her suggestions on how to approach turning something down in a positive way was insightful.  

Thank you, Tayler! As always, we are impressed with everything you manage to do, and are so grateful to have you on the SDG team!