Whether you’re looking to build an innovative office environment or a traditional retail store, SDG Architects can design a space that reflects your company’s mission and brand while encouraging productivity and collaboration. We have extensive experience working with a variety of private and institutional clients in the design of commercial buildings.

Although our design staff has experience working on everything from high-tech laboratories to convenience stores, our firm focuses on the following commercial project types.

  • CORPORATE: We design corporate offices to be technologically integrated, supporting collaboration and productivity. We work with our corporate clients in the early stages of the project to understand their company values and team dynamics. From there, we are able to translate this company culture into a design that positions them for the future. When working within an existing building, we work together with our clients to create an effective phasing plan that minimizes downtime.
  • SERVICE FACILITIES: Whether it is a live event center, a retail space or a commercial bar and kitchen, we design innovative service-oriented facilities that focus on the customer experience to build long-term patronage and increase sales.
  • EDUCATION: Our education experience includes public and private K-12 schools during bond planning and capital campaign stages. With a strong investment in our local and state communities, we have experience working with all project stakeholders to garner the community support required to fund these important projects.