SDG Architects has a wide-range of experience working on a variety of residential projects—everything from large townhome developments to kitchen remodels. We’ve designed luxury vacation homes, starter homes for growing families, and everything in between. 

Our professional staff has created a large number of set floor plans for builders as well as numerous custom-designed homes for individual clients. This range of experience gives us the ability to balance the beauty of customized design with industry knowledge of cost-effective building practices, ultimately bringing our clients the best value.

In comparison to a set floor plan that you may buy from a builder or an online source, our design process specifically engages the client, integrating their personality, ideas, and intentions to truly customize the layout, function, and materials in every area of their home. We know that every residential project is a home—not just a house—and each home is custom-tailored to meet the exact needs of the owner, down to the last detail.

For every residential project, we will design your house to match your lifestyle and needs, and give you a place to truly call “home.”