Oakland Flats

This unique residential project uses Historic Preservation Tax Credits and Low Income Housing Tax Credits to restore and repurpose an old school house located in Oakland, Oklahoma. The main building was carefully reworked to become four 1-bedroom flats, plus a community room. The large windows and tall ceilings, combined with a neutral color palette, make the light-filled spaces ideal for residential living. The iconic wooden stage with proscenium arch in the center of the building was restored and will be used for small community gatherings in the future. Painstaking care was given to restoring the beautiful steel windows, historic brick and stonework throughout the building and the site. SDG worked with Preservation & Design Studio out of Oklahoma City to ensure that this project met all of the historic requirements and will continue to be a source of pride for the Oakland community.

Oakland, Oklahoma

Completed July 2017

5,312 SF